Our Charities

With Your generous Contributions and Support
you have helped impact a stronger community:

Plateau Oureach:

  • Helped 28 seniors keep the Lights & Heat On!
  • Fed 13 families for an entire year!
  • Provided 37 Nights of Winter Shelter!
  • Kept 40 Families in their Homes!
  • Provided 72 Hot Showers!
  • Provided 54 loads of laundry!

Redeeming Soles:

It is our belief at Redeeming Soles that no child should ever be prevented from participating in day to day activities due to a lack of proper footwear. “No Kids Left on the Sidelines” program provides proper footwear, backpacks & school supplies to kids in need.

Your donations helped:

  • 1st Year: 800 kids
  • 2nd Year: 1,200 kids

“Thank you to each one of you for helping us get these kids out on the field and playing BIG in LIFE!”
Jessica Reasy, Executive Director, Redeeming Soles

Neighbors Feeding Neighbors:

There are Seniors in our community that are living on a $800 social security check. Seniors are in need of a hot meal and a kind smile for many reasons, illness or injury, loss of a spouse, no longer able to cook. Making a decision on a monthly basis if they will pay their electric bill, buy medications, or food.  With your donation our seniors that can’t afford to pay for their hot meals, will not need to make the decision of skipping a meal and can keep the lights on.

Arts Alive:

The mission is to promote and support the visual, literary, and performing arts on the Enumclaw plateau.
Grants have been given to groups such as drama departments, Chalet Arts theater, Imagination Theater, ballet workshops and to individuals with a need connected to the arts.

7th Annual Dwight Johnson Golf Classic

Thursday, August 1st, 2024